WHy SHiva made kailash as his adobe

In Shiva Mahapurana, Rudra Samhita, Lord Bramha told his son Narada about why Shiva made Kailash as his Adobe ,when enquired by Sage Narada.

Who is Gunanidhi

Once There lived a brahmin whose name is Yagyadutt in Kampilyanagar, who was proficient in the performance of Somyagya. He had a son named Gunanidhi. Though Gunanidhi was a scholar he was irreligious and kept bad company. His father Yagyadutt was unaware of his evil activities. Whenever he asked his wife about Gunanidhi habits and conduct, his wife used to lie and praised the conduct of Gunamidhi. Yagyadutt married Gunanidhi with a girl belonging to a well to do family. But his habits had not changed. His mother tried her best to make him understand, but it was of no avail.

Gunanidhi, a Brahmin Son
Gunanidhi’s Leaves home

When Gunadhi came to know about his father’s second marriage, he moved to another place, cursing his fate. He kept on walking till he became tired. He sat under a tree and started thinking about his further. He heart was full of remorse and he repented for his past actions. As his mind was engrossed in such kind of thoughts. He saw some people going towards temple. They were carrying prasad in their hands.

Gunanidhi’s Death on Shivratri

Since Gunanidhi was hungry, he followed them and after reaching the temple he sat at the main gate of the temple.At night, after the accomplishment of the Pujan, the devotees went to sleep. Gunanidhi entered the premise of the temple. The flame of the lamp was gradually becoming dim as the result of which he could not see properly. He tore some pieces of cloth, he was wearing and made a thick wick and put it in the lamp. Now the light was sufficient to enable him to see whatever had been offered to the deity.
He carried as much fruits and other eatables as possible and tried to sneak out from the temple. Unfortunately, he dashed against a devotee who woke up and chased him shouting “thief”. Hearing his cries all the other devotees woke up and caught Gunanidhi. He was given such a nice thrashing that proved to be fatal and as a result Gunanidhi died.

Devotes in temple of shiva at the night of Shivratri
Gunamidhi rebirth as King of kalinga

The Yamadut’s arrived to take his soul to yamloka. But right then, the Shivaganas arrived and
prevented the Yamadutas from carrying his soul. They informed the Yamdutas that Gunanidhi was entitled for Shivaloka as he had devoutly observed the Shivaratri fast, had listened to the tales of Shiva and lighted up the lamp which was about to go off. The Shivaganas also informed the Yamadutas that, in his next birth Gunamidhi would become the king of Kalinga.

In his next birth he was born as a son of king Arindam, the king of Kalinga. He was named as Dama. When he was still young, his father Arindam died. So Dama succeeded him as the king of Kalinga. He renovated all the Shiva-temple, which came under his jurisdiction and passed an order that worship of lord Shiva is compulsory for all the subjects.

Shiva Blesses Gunanidhi(Dama)

Gunanidhi becomes Ruler of AlkaPuri :

During the Padma kalpa, Sage Vishrawa was born to sage Pulastya the manasputra of lord Brahma. Vishrawa’s son Vishrawan ruled over Alkapuri for a long time. This city was constructed by the deity Vishwakarma. Vishrawan was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

Dama(Gunanidhi) did a tremendous penance for ten lac years. As a result of this penance his body was reduced to skelton. Lord Shiva became very pleased with him and appeared before him, accompanied by his consort Parvati. He told Gunanidhi to ask for any boon. When Gunanidhi heard Shiva’s Voice he opened his eyes, but his eyes were dazzled by the sheer radiance of lord Shiva. He requested Shiva to restore the power of sight in his eyes. Shiva blessed him, as a result of which he was now able to see the divine sight of lord Shiva. But he became jealous of Uma, who was present by the side of Shiva. He was wondering as to who was this lady, dearer to Shiva than him. He glanced cruelly towards her. As a result of this his left eye lost the power of sight.
Lord Shiva then blessed Gunanidhi to become the king of the kings. He also assured him that Shiva will always be present in the vicinity of Alkapuri. Kailash mountain was situated near Alkapuri. After being blessed by Shiva, Gunanidhi also made salutations to Parvati.
Parvati said “Since you have looked at me angrily your hatred and enmity towards me was clearly visible. For this reason you will be known as Kuber.

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