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Venus Retrograde in vedic astrology
Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde in vedic astrology is also called “Shukra Graha vakri”. Shukra Graha means Venus planet, Vakri means Retrograde. Venus retrograde in vedic astrology specifies something to do with specific karma in a particular nakshathra and the sign where it goes retrograde.

  1. Venus retrogrades for forty two(42) days and remains stationary for two (2) days before and after the retrograde period.
  2. It goes retrograde once in every eighteen(18) months.
Why Venus goes retrograde
  1. There might be an unfinished work in the past life which one need to finish now regarding that placement.
  2. It deals with messed past life in specific area and need to learn something from that in this lifetime.
  3. Or native has longed for something which he never fulfilled in past life and born to fulfill that desire.


  1. Difficultly in expressing love towards others.
  2. Restrict feelings and keep it to themselves.
  3. Unworthy feeling arises.
  4. Feels less attractive, beautiful and not wealthy.
  5. Gets humiliated for their appearance.
  6. They often admit that they like or have crush on some person and gets rejected by them which makes one feel more vulnerable and loose confidence in one’s self.
  7. Absorbs more negativity from others.
  8. Native might delay or completely deny making one’s fortune out of his job due to lack of self-worth, this goes same with the marriage.
  9. Earnings may go waste buying wrong things or pays more for something which wont worth much.
  10. Handling relationships is a big deal for them.
  11. Gets confused on matters like when to be friendly, get exited, to be sad and to get angry.
  12. If lacks attention from their partner, one gets confused to shout at the partner or to handle softly.
  13. Remembers past relationships which din’t work and keeps hurting themselves.
  14. They need to move on, its quite hard for them to do so, but they must move on. 

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