Vedavati’s MARRIAGE with Lord vishnu

Vedavati is the daughter of Sage Kusadhvaja and grand daughter of Brihaspati (Guru of the gods). Vedavati’s marriage with lord vishnu is described in Skanda purana, Kurma purana and Brahmavaivarta Purana.

Vedavati’s Penance and death

Vedavati performed severe Penance to get Lord Vishnu as her husband. Once Ravana saw Vedavati doing penance for Lord Vishnu in the forest in her hermitage, disturbs her penance as he hates Lord Vishnu. Ravana grabs her with hair and abuses her. Vedavati feeling insulted she tells Ravana that she will be born again for his destruction and jumps into the fire before him to death.

Vedavati performing Penance to get Lord Vishnu as her husband in her hermitage.
Vedavati’s Rebirth

In Thretha Yuga Vedavati will go to Lanka instead of Sita as ‘Swaha’ which leads to destruction of Ravana in hands of Rama. Sita will be safe in pathalloka in fire as Agni would protect her.Sage Agastya informs Rama about Sita’s stay in pathaloka with Agni’s Protection and ‘Swaha’ went to Lanka instead of ‘Sita’ for the destruction of Ravana.

Vedavati gets married to Lord Vishnu

In Kaliyuga Vedavati is born as Padmavathi.

Once King Akash orders his men to clean land to organize yagna. While cleaning the land they found an infant girl and bring her to king. Since King have no children accepts her as his own child and names her Padmavati. Later on King had son and named him Vasudan. One day Narad comes to king and tells Padmavati gets married to Lord Vishnu.

Vedavati’s marraige with lord vishnu as Padmavati in Kaliyug

Lord vishnu instructs Vakulamalika a maid to remind Padmavati about her previous life and asks her to marry him. Vakulmalika then goes to Narayanpur and informs the king about Lord Vishnu’s desire to marry Padmavathi. King Akash gets delighted and accepts Lord Vishnu as his son-in-law and gets them married.

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