Uttara phalguni Nakshathram

Uttara phalguni nakshathra in vedic astrology depict certain specific character which influence each and every living being in this world. Uttara phalguni nakshathra in vedic astrology occupies 13 degrees, 20 minutes contributing to form 360 degrees of the entire vedic chart.


Uttara phalguni nakshathra in vedic astrology
Goddess Uttara phalguni wife of Chandra(Moon)
  1. Symbol of Uttara phalguni nakshathram is Male Cow .
  2. Rashi is Leo (simha) and Virgo (kanya)
  3. Range of degree is  26°40’ Leo to 10°00’ Virgo .
  4. Direction is East.
  5. Ruling Planet is Sun.
  6. Ruling Deity is Aryaman.
  7. Nature (Gana) is Manushya (Human).


If you have your ascendent or moon in this nakshathra your behaviour will be almost like Uttara phalguni . Also don’t forget to see all other planets residing in this nakshathra. Because say you have Mars in this nakshatra and now you are running Mars mahadasha then for 7 years period of time you will behave as Uttara phalguni nakshathra.

Below i have given the details of how these natives behave.


  1. The twelfth nakshathram of the astrological sign ruled by the Aryaman who is leader and very honorable so these native will possess these qualities.
  2. Helping one in need and getting love from others satisfies them and feels like purpose of life is fulfilled.
  3. Friends around them makes the native happy.
  4. Marriage is blissful because they always need a good companion either friend or spouse.
  5. Basic needs to survive is always available .
  6. Wealth and inheritance will be there for these native.
  7. Creativity in any activity is present.
  8. Love family gatherings , parties,  functions and enjoy life.
  9. Since they always have love around them native thinks they are always correct and think low of others.


Uttara phalguni nakshathra in vedic astrology has 4 padas which behave differently according where the planet is place in navamasa chart

Sagittarius Navamsa Capricorn NavamsaAquarius Navamsa Pisces Navamsa 

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