Twelfth House in Astrology

Twelfth House in vedic astrology
Journey towards spiritual liberation

Twelfth House in vedic astrology is called dustana or mokha house. Pisces sign represents same characteristics as twelfth House in vedic astrology.

Spirutual effects

  1. Letting things go and renounce to move towards spiritual liberation.
  2. Ashrams, meditation centers, monasteries, places of worship etc.
  3. Capacity to unite with the divine force or to become a Yogi.
  4. Detachment can be in the form of separation or death.
  5. Indicates transformation by meditating, praying and living a monastic life

If the Twelfth-12th house is not afflicted and has beneficiary planets and beneficial conjunctions and aspects in the natal chart it gives good results for the native in that particular mahadasha of the planet or for the mahadasha of the lord of that sign

Good effects

  1. Material comforts.
  2. Long distance travel to foreign countries, traveling abroad.
  3. Doing trade with foreign countries like import and export business.
  4. Strength of the feet and toes suggests one can run fast or becomes a dancer.
  5. One can hide the emotions and shows no reactions which is useful either in good and bad ways.
  6. Example could be an artist passing a lot of time in loneliness.
  7. Another example is a trekker who love to trek mountains.
  8. People who live a somehow hermetic life no matter if they are monks in a monastery, prisoners or simply lonely people

If the Twelfth-12th house is afflicted and has malefic planets or malefic conjunctions and aspects in natal chart it gives bad results for the native in that particular mahadasha of planet or for the mahadasha of the lord of that sign.

Bad effects

  1. Huge and unnecessary spending habits.
  2. Hospitalization through accidents.
  3. Long term bed ridden situations due to ill health.
  4. One has to give up material wealth in order to gain spirituality.
  5. Paranormal dreams might disturb the sleep.
  6. Suicidal thoughts.
  7. Harm form wild animals.
  8. Unconscious activity.
  9. Hidden psychological problems and inferiority complexes keeps one far from the society.
  10. Imprisonment related situations.
  11. Hidden enemies, illegal jobs and affairs can be seen from here.

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