The Secret of Kala created by Shiva

In Shiva maha Purana , Vayaviya Samhitha, Describing about the time (Kala), Vayudeva told the sages the secret of Kala created by Shiva.In Padma purana Srishti khand , Bheeshma requested Pulastya to reveal how Lord Brahma had created the world.

Discription of Kala

The ‘Kala’ or time is the radiance of lord Shiva. Time is under the control of lord Shiva.Since the time contains the element of Shiva (Shivattatva), One, who understands the meaning of Kala, has a darshan of lord Shiva.

Time calculation
Nimesh The time taken to drop one’s eyelid
kala Fifteen (15) Nimeshas
Muhurta Thirty(30) Kalas
A day and a night 30 Muhurtas
Month 30 days (divided into two fortnights).
Krishna Paksha One fortnight (dark lunar phase)
Shukla Paksha Bright lunar phase
Pitarloka day Shukla Paksha
Pitarloka night Krishna Paksha
One ‘Ayana’ Six (6) months.
One year2 Ayanas (Uttarayana & Dakshinayana )
A day and a night of the deities. One year of the earth
A day time of the Deities Six months when sun is in the northern hemisphere
A night time of Deities Six months when Sun is in the southern hemisphere of the earth
One year of the deities Three hundred and sixty years of this world.
Secret of kala is Sada Shiva
Details of Chathur Yugas

The yugas are counted on the basis of the years of the deities. According to the Puranas as well as Agamas there are four yugas – Satyayuga, Tretayuga, Dwapar yuga and Kaliyuga.

Yugas Years of Deities sandhya sandhyansh
satyayuga 4000 years of the deities 400 divine years 400 divine years
Tretayuga 3000 years of the deities 300 divine years 300 divine years
Dwaparyuga 2000 years of the deities 200 divine years 200 divine years
Kaliyuga 1000 years of the deities 100 divine years 100 divine years
Time calculation of Yugas ,kalpas and manvantar

Four Yuga are collectively known as ‘Chaturyuga’. A Brahma’s day consists of one-thousand such
‘Chaturyugas’. Altogether, fourteen Manu appear during this whole period of 1000 Chaturgas or in other words a day of Lord Brahma. One Kalpa is inhibited by fourteen Manus one after another in succession. Each ‘Manvantar’ is named after a Manu and is equivalent to little more than 71 Chaturyugas. It also has its own Indra, Saptarishis and other deities. This way, a manvantar is also equivalent to 8,52,000 years of the deities or divine years. Going by the standard of the years of this world a manvantar is equivalent to 30,67,20,000 years. On the basis of the years of this world, a Brahma’s day is equivalent to 30,67,20,000 x 14 = 4,29,40,80,000 yrs. This is the period after which a Brahma’s day is over and a deluge takes place when all the three worlds becomes devoid of life due to unbearable heat. Lord Brahma then takes rest for the same period (4,29,40,80,000 yrs) which is his night.
After the night is over, Lord Brahma again commences his creation. So, this process continues for the whole period of Brahma’s life span.

Life Span of Brahma, vishnu, Rudra and Shiva
One Chathur yuga (all the four yugas collectively) Twelve thousand years of the deities.
Kalpa 1000 Chaturyugas
Manvantar 71 Chaturyugas.
A Brahma’s day One divine Kalpa.
A Brahma’s year 1000 Kalpas.
A Brahma’s yuga 8000 Brahma years.
A Brahma’s ‘ Savan’ 1000 Brahma yugas.
Brahma’s life span 3000 Savanas.
A Vishnu day The whole life span of Brahma.
A day of ‘Rudra’ The whole life span of Vishnu
A day of lord Shiva. The whole life span of Rudra

Five lakh and forty thousand numbers of Indras succeed one after another during the whole life span of Brahma. In the whole life of lord Shiva = five lakh and four thousand numbers of Rudras come and go. A Shiva’s day commences with the creation and before the end of the night the whole creation gets annihilated. Sadashiva is eternal.

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