Tarabalam For jyeshta Nakshathra

Every one was born with moon in certain nakshathra and that nakshathara becomes your janma nakshathara. Based on that check your tarabalam .We calculate Tarabalam in Vedic astrology for the native to perform any activity in General. Selecting tarabalam for jyeshta Nakshathra in astrology natives and doing things on that particular time is going to be good and ensures a positive outcome.This is actually for mundane things like going outside or for inviting someone to our house for dinner etc.

Tarabalam For jyeshta Nakshathra
Tarabalam For jyeshta Nakshathra

The janma nakshathra of the native can never be considered as the good tarabalam

Good Tarabalam Nakshathras for jyeshta Nakshathra
Mula Ashwini Magha Uttarashaada Kritthika
Uttara Phalguni Dhanishta Mrigashira Chitta Poorvabhadra
Punarvasu Vishaka Uttarabhadra Pushya Anuradha
Bad Tarabalam Nakshathras for jyeshta Nakshathra
Jyeshta Revathi Ashlesha Poorvashaada
Bharani Pubba Shravana Rohini
Hastha Shathabisha Ardra Swathi

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