In padma purana, uttharkanda they explained about numerous huge Havan Kunds, Fire Oblation structural remains of Indraprastha (Delhi) in ancient times where lord Indra conducted havans to free his kingdom ‘Indra lokha’ from Hiranyakasipu.

The sages enquired Sutji about the holiest city situated on the banks of river yamuna.
Sutji narrated the tale which Sage Saubhari once told Yudhishthira to sages about many structures present in the western banks of Yamuna.

Sage Narada and Parvat travel over river Yamuna

Once sage Narada and Parvat were flying over the Khandav forest. They wanted to take some rest and came down to banks of the river Yamuna. As they came down, both of them took bath in the river. While they are taking bath, King Shibi who ruled Ushinar saw them and was waiting for them to come out of the river to meet them.

King Shibi then met both sage Narada and Parvat as they came out of the river. While they are having conversation, King Shibi asked Narada about remains of many Havan kunds(Fire oblation structures) which are present at this bank of the river

Hiranyakasipu Conquered Indra and took over ‘Indra Lokha’

Sage Narada said once Demon Hiranyakashipu who is the son of sage Kashyapa and Diti, had conquered Lord Indra and took over his kingdom (Indra Lokha) to take the revenge of his brother’s death Hiranyaksha .

Sage Narada and Parvat Visiting bank of the River Yamuna from the Aerial View of Khandav forest
Indra performs several Yagnas and Havans

Since Hiranyakasipu is very powerful, Indra feared to fight back to get his kingdom, Indra became helpless. Indra then performed many havans and Yagnas to please lord Vishnu to help him regarding this matter. All those Yagnas and Havans are done on the bank of this river ‘Yamuna’ and all these structural remains remained which became famous for Indraprastha because Indra performed Yagnas at this place.

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