Sixth House in Astrology

sixth-6th House in vedic astrology

Sixth-6th House in vedic astrology is called Dushtana and upachaya house. Virgo sign represents same characteristics as Sixth-6th House in vedic astrology.

General effects

If the Sixth house is not afflicted and has beneficiary planets and beneficial conjunctions and aspects in the natal chart it gives good results for the native in that particular mahadasha of the planet or for the mahadasha of the lord of that sign.

  1. Self earned income, day to day routine and responsibilities.
  2. Service : whom you serve, who serves you and relationship with them.
  3. If well placed, then ability to provide employment to others and can gain profit from his servants.
  4. If badly placed legal issues, enmity, debts with servants and employees .
  5. Maintaining a good health : Ability to fight off adversities like diseases, maintaining personal hygiene.
  6. One cannot really make money unless one is really willing or loving to work for it.
  7. How we help ourselves in terms of carrier and success.
  8. The steps we are going to take for present job and also ones life goals.
  9. How one can put in sequence and manage all well to get money as well as succeed to achive ones dreams.
  10. It describes how we are going to accomplish and achieve things.
  11. Supports 10th house but more in mundane level like normal daily routine where one has to clean utensils, cook food etc.
  12. If some one as an extra job included in routine like washing clothes or getting vegetables from market he will freak out.
  13. Or if routine jobs reduce like no need to sweep, cook or clean then one would feel little relaxed.
  14. Arranging things properly in the house and can find things quickly without searching.
  15. If things around are not kept correctly and doing unplanned daily routines they can make their mind sick and make them worry and get anxious.
  16. Diseases : Represents type of  illnesses one can get into, duration of illness, if  disease can be recovered or not can be seen.
  17. It rules stomach, intestines, digestive tract, public health, safety, sanitation, and hygiene.
  18. Defense forces,disputes, litigation, and conflicts you indulge in and your ability to manage them.
  19. Rules small pets.

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