Shathabisha Nakshatra

Shathabisha nakshathra in vedic astrology depict certain specific character which influence each and every living being in this world. Shathabisha nakshathra in vedic astrology occupies 13 degrees, 20 minutes contributing to form 360 degrees of the entire vedic chart.


Shathabisha nakshathra in vedic astrology
Goddess Shathabisha wife of Chandra (Moon)
  1. Symbol of Shathabisha nakshathram is Female Horse.
  2. Rashi is Capricorn(makara) and Aquarius(kumbha)
  3. Range of degree is 23°20′ Capricorn – 06°40′ Aquarius
  4. Direction is South.
  5. Ruling Planet is Rahu .
  6. Ruling Deity is Varuna .
  7. Nature (Gana) is Rakshas (Demon).


If you have your ascendent or moon in this nakshathra your behaviour will be almost like Shathabisha . Also don’t forget to see all other planets residing in this nakshathra. Because say you have Mars in this nakshatra and now you are running Mars mahadasha then for 7 years period of time you will behave as Shathabisha nakshathra.

Below i have given the details of how these natives behave.


  1. The twenty-fourth nakshathram among all the astrological houses .
  2. It is ruled by the Varuna, the god of water.
  3. There is more emotional energy in this sign.
  4. One become anxious reacting to the situations.
  5. Native carries certain injury that cannot be healed in this lifetime.
  6. So they become self healers either by spiritually or by addictions.
  7. Doctors or healers profession suits them well.
  8. Interest in astrology and astronomy is quite common.
  9. Stubborn behavior is seen in them.
  10. They might get addicted to alcohol if not controlled.


Shathabisha nakshathra in vedic astrology has 4 padas which behave differently according to the planet where it is placed in navamsa chart.

Sagittarius Navamsa Capricorn NavamsaAquarius Navamsa Pisces Navamsa 

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