Saturn Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn  Retrograde in vedic astrology
Saturn retrograde natives grow up questioning the meaning and purpose of the life

Saturn Retrograde in vedic astrology is also called “Shani vakri”. “Shani” means Saturn ,”Vakri” means Retrograde. Saturn retrograde in vedic astrology specifies something to do with specific karma in a particular nakshathra and the sign where it goes retrograde.

  1. Saturn retrogrades for one forty days (140) days and remains stationary for five(5) days before and after the retrograde period.
  2. It goes retrograde every year.

Why Saturn is retrograde

  1. Saturn rules responsibility, law, old age and servants.
  2. If someone has misused their authority and insulted someone on purpose, victimizing someone, not helping the one in need, not following law and order can be caught up now.
  3. There might be an unfinished work in the past life which one need to finish now regarding that placement.
  4. It deals with messed past life in that area and need to learn something from that in this lifetime.
  5. Or native has longed for something which he never fulfilled in past life and born to fulfill that desire.


  1. Gets abused in their childhood by their parents, mainly father or any father figure or authority.
  2. Gets bashed by their parents without being their fault.
  3. They never have their share to say or even share their feelings which make them depressed as one grows older.
  4. These are made to feel unworthy of everything, even they are questioned for their existence in this world that how useless one is to the society and their worth to live.
  5. Native often grow with a sense of lack of love.
  6. So they develop inferiority complex, anxiety and get into depression.
  7. These are made to take responsibility which they don’t like to take.
  8. Force them to study engineering or doctor if one wants to become artist or actor.
  9. Make them to go work to help the family if one wants to study.
  10. So these people grow up questioning the meaning and purpose of the life
  11. After Saturn return or in their 30’s they change their profession to which they always dreamed of.

Saturn retrograde examples

 Example 1

This person got beaten by his parents with stick, belt, rope and daily he used to get slapped at least 5 times harshly just for nothing. He reported that many times without being his fault he was just shouted at and beaten up because his parents were angry for some issue with their work or parents argued themselves over some issues. He said not a single day in his childhood he went to sleep without crying.

Example 2

For some pride issues the native dint pursue acting as career. His father said ” if someone asks what should I tell them that my son is doing nothing and trying to give auditions to become actor, that would cut off his head in this society and other will laugh at us”.


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