Purva Phalguni Nakshathra

Purva Phalguni nakshathra in vedic astrology depict certain specific character which influence each and every living being in this world. Purva Phalguni nakshathra in vedic astrology occupies 13 degrees, 20 minutes contributing to form 360 degrees of the entire vedic chart.


Purva Phalguni nakshathra in vedic astrology
Goddess Purva Phalguni wife of Chandra(Moon)
  1. Symbol of Purva phalguni Nakshathram is Female Rat .
  2. Rashi is Leo(Simha).
  3. Range of degree is 13° 21 – 26° 40 Leo .
  4. Direction is North.
  5. Ruling Planet is Venus.
  6. Ruling Deity is Bhaga.
  7. Nature (Gana) is Manushya (Human).


If you have your ascendent or moon in this nakshathra your behaviour will be almost like Purva Phalguni . Also don’t forget to see all other planets residing in this nakshathra. Because say you have Mars in this nakshatra and now you are running Mars mahadasha then for 7 years period of time you will behave as Purva Phalguni nakshathra.

Below i have given the details of how these natives behave.


  1. Purva Phalguni nakshathra is Eleventh nakshathram of the astrological sign
  2. It is ruled by Venus and deals with creativity.
  3. Bestows one with marriage, family happiness and material wealth.
  4. Social life is very important for them.
  5. Good communication skills is an added asset for these natives.
  6. Partying and enjoying comes as top main priority.
  7. skills like singing and dancing are seen in them.
  8. These are intelligent and least worried about life.
  9. They hate to live alone as it kills them slowly.
  10. Sometimes addictions are also seen which needs to be controlled


Purva Phalguni nakshathra in vedic astrology has 4 padas which behave differently according to the planetary placement in navamsa chart.

Leo Navamsa Virgo NavamsaLibra Navamsa Scorpio Navamsa 

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