what are nakshathras

What are Nakshathras

Nakshathras vedic stars in astrology
27 Nakshathras With their Husband Chandra(Moon)

Basic Characteristics

Nakshathras, vedic stars in astrology are 27 in number and they depict certain specific character of each which influence each and every living being in this world. Abhijit is 28th Nakshatra . Each nakshathras, the vedic stars in astrology are divided into 13 degrees, 20 minutes contributing to form 360 degrees of the entire vedic chart. All these are the wives of Chandra (Moon) and daughters of Prajapathi. Being the wives of Moon (mind) each will share their mentality in each sign contributing the process of evolution.


You need to know your exact degrees of ascendent and moon to check which nakshathra they sit in, as your nakshatra details can reveal your behaviour. Also don’t forget to see all other planets residing in which nakshathra. Because you will run a series of mahadashas in your life time. So each planet produces a specific result over that period of time.

If you want to know the Qualities of your planetary nakshatras , learn them from the table given below

27 Nakshathras

1. Ashwini2. Bharani3. krittika
4. Rohini5. Mrigasira6. Arda
7. Purnarvasu8. Pushyami9. Ashlesha
10. Magha11.Purvaphalguni12. Utharapalguni
13. Hastha14. Chittra15. Swathi
16. Vishaka17. Anuradha18. Jyestha
19. Mula20. Purva Ashada21. Uthara Ashada
22. Shravana23. Dhanishta24. Shathabhisha
25. Purvabadhra26. Utharabadhra27. Revathi

Each Nakshathra is divided into four Padas. So 13 degrees, 20 minutes is divided into 4 divisions which comes to 3 degrees and 20 minutes each contributing to single pada in vedic chart.

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