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Mooltrikon Sign

Mooltrikon sign in vedic astrology is important while reading a chart. If mooltrikon planet dasha runs it gives good results for a certain period of its dasha in life. There are many misconceptions about the mooltrikon sign in vedic astrology which i have clearly mentioned below.

General characteristics

  1. Five planets (Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn) owns two signs and two houses in vedic astrology.
  2. Two planets (Sun and Moon) owns only one sign and one house in astrological vedic system.
  3. Other two shadow planets (Rahu – North node and Ketu – south node) owns no house and sign in the astrological vedic system
  4. Among five planets each planet feels at home and comfortable staying in one house among two houses and signs which it owns in vedic astrological system.
  5. Since Sun has only one house and one sign it feels comfortable in its own sign that is Leo (Simha).
  6. Moon feels comfortable in Venus house which is Taurus (vrishabha rasi).
  7. Rohini is the most lovable wife of moon and stays in this sign Taurus (vrishabha rasi).
  8. Nature of moon is loving the beauty, royalties and to live in pleasures so Taurus becomes its mooltrikon sign.

Misconception about Mooltrikon planet.

  1. Not necessarily every Mooltrikon planet gives a good life.
  2. It depends on which mahadasha the native is running.
  3. Even if one is going through the Mooltrikon planet mahadasha one might not get good results.
  4. The planet might be retrograde in-spite of Mooltrikon in natal or the birth chart.
  5. Mooltrikon planet might be in combustion with sun or with malefic planetary conjunction.
  6. Malefic aspects on the Mooltrikon planet
  7. Don’t forget to see if the Mooltrikon planet is debilitated in navamsha and dashamsha charts.

Check your mooltrikon sign

SUN Leo Simha 4 – 20 deg
MOONTaurus Vrishabha 4 – 20 deg
MARSAries Mesha 0 – 12 deg
MERCURYVirgo Kanya 16 – 20 deg
JUPITERSagittarius Dhanusu 0 – 10 deg
VENUSLibra Tula 0 – 15 deg
SATURN Aquarius Kumbha 0 – 20 deg

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