Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde in vedic astrology
Misunderstanding in Communication between partners if Mercury retrogrades in 7th house

Mercury Retrograde in vedic astrology is also called “Budha vakri”. “Budha” means Mercury, Vakri means Retrograde. Mercury retrograde in vedic astrology specifies something to do with specific karma in a particular nakshathra and the sign where it goes retrograde.

  1. Mercury retrogrades for sixty nine (69) days per year, dividing three (3) times a year about 21 to 25 days and remains stationary for one (1) day before and after the retrograde period.
  2. It goes retrograde thrice in every year.
Why Mercury goes retrograde
  1. There might be an unfinished work in the past life which one need to finish now regarding that placement.
  2. It deals with messed past life in specific area and need to learn something from that in this lifetime.
  3. Or native has longed for something which he never fulfilled in past life and born to fulfill that desire.


  1. Communication issues.
  2. Misunderstanding in conversations varies from one house to the other .
  3. If this happens in 7th house misunderstanding in communications between partners.
  4. One may get confused while communicating.
  5. Rudely communicates and hurts others feelings.
  6. Usually these people must check twice before going to some place.
  7. When they plan to go to some place, at final movement,one cant get taxi resulting in missing the train.
  8. They need to recheck the emails before sending.
  9. Their computers or cell phones may create problems while in need.
  10. They may delay in sending your message or you might get message tomorrow when it needs to be arrived today which creates havoc.
  11. . Chances of hacking’s.  

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