Mars Retrograde in vedic astrology , astro sharanam

Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde in vedic astrology ,
 astro sharanam
Reacting n argument depends on the place where mars went retrograde

Mars Retrograde in vedic astrology is also called “Mangala vakri”. Mangala means Mars , Vakri means Retrograde. Mars retrograde in vedic astrology specifies something to do with specific karma in a particular nakshathra and the sign where it goes retrograde.

  1. Mars retrogrades for eighty (80) days and remains stationary for three(3) days before and after the retrograde period.
  2. It goes retrograde once in every two(2) years.
Why Mars goes retrograde
  1. There might be an unfinished work in the past life which one need to finish now regarding that placement.
  2. It deals with messed past life in specific area and need to learn something from that in this lifetime.
  3. Or native has longed for something which he never fulfilled in past life and born to fulfill that desire.
  1. One will feel week and insecure to fight and react angrily.
  2. Fear of loosing the argument .
  3. Yet native will have the strong urge to kick and shout at the other person but fails.
  4. Untimely reaction, not reacting on spot.
  5. Try to look confident while arguing but the way one acts and speaks shows native already lost.
  6. The native feels week experiencing loosing side and feels guilty and gets depressed.
  7. One might have got injured severely or went through severe pain in their childhood while reacting to arguments or while fighting with someone.
  8. Feeling emerges that ‘ what good it has done to me in the past’ while arguing or fighting.
  9. So one thinks to save oneself from going through such situations again and remains calm.
  10. Getting bullied for their physical and mental ability to fight that ‘ you are a girl and how can a girl do these things’ etc which makes one absorb mental and physical pain.  
  11. Some will be like they don’t know when and how to react.

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