Mankanak blood turns into VEGETABLE juice

Vamana purana described about the situation resulted after Mankanak blood turns into Vegetable juice.

Sage Mankanak’s wound bleeds vegetable juice

Once, sage Mankanak while plucking the Kusha grass for the religious rites, his finger got cut by the sharp edge of Kusha grass.

Mankanak was surprised be see vegetable juice oozing out from his wound instead of the blood. Mankanak felt this happened because of the power of his penance. This incident made him proud and started dancing with joy which resulted in the shaking of the three worlds.

Deities feared the shaking of the world

All the deities including Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma were unable to find the reason of the sudden shaking of the world and started searching for the reason, so that they can stop it from happening.

Vegetable juice oozing out from finger cut of Sage Mankanak
Deities miss-assumption for shaking of the world

Lord shiva’s penance to increase his radiance:

Note: Lord Shiva stopped doing his penance for some 1000 divine years as he was living with his wife and family which resulted in decrease of his radiance. To gain his radiance back he decided to start doing penance.

Lord Shiva then started his penance to increase his radiance. Shiva initially did penance only relying on Roots and vegetables, later he just lived on air. Nine hundred (900) divine years have passed during which he traveled all the three lokhas in this state. Later he even stopped breathing by blocking the air path with wooden block in the mouth. As a result of the tremendous energy inside his body, the wooden block blasted through his skull and fell on Himalayas. In the process many of the mountains became flat. Kedarnath is one such place.

Then Lord Shiva moved to Kurukshetra and immersed himself in Saraswati river and started doing penance.

So all the deities including Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma went to Lord Shiva to make him stop his penance as he is the reason behind the Shaking of the world. Lord Shiva then stopped his Penance as requested by Deities.

Lord Shiva doing penance immersed in waters of Saraswathi river situated in Kurukshekthra

All of them surprised that Still the shaking of the world din’t stop. So they started to search for the reason again.

Sukracharya’s penance for the knowledge of “Mritha sanjeevini vidya

They found sage Sukracharya doing penance by the river of Oghavati with an objective of gaining “Mritha sanjeevini vidya”(Knowledge of making death ones alive). Lord Shiva then went to him and blessed sage Shukracharya with the Secret. But still the shaking of world dint stop.

Mankanak dancing at Sapthasaraswathi

Lord shiva then went to Sapthasaraswathi , where he found sage mankanak dancing with joy. Lord Shiva in disguise of common man went to Mankanak and inquired about the reason of his dancing. After learning abut the reason, Shiva then cut his thumb finger and showed Mankanak. As ash is oozing out from the finger, Mankanak then recognized the common man is none other than Lord Shiva. Mankanak then felt sorry for his proudness and worshipped Lord shiva. Ultimately the shaking of earth came to an end

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