Magha Nakshatram

Magha nakshathra in vedic astrology depict certain specific character which influence each and every living being in this world. Magha nakshathra in vedic astrology occupies 13 degrees, 20 minutes contributing to form 360 degrees of the entire vedic chart.


Magha nakshathra in vedic astrology
Goddess Magha Wife of Chandra(Moon)
  1. Symbol of Magha nakshathram is male rat.
  2. Rashi is Leo (Simha).
  3. Range of degree is 00 ° 00′ – 13 ° 20′ Leo
  4. Direction is East .
  5. Ruling Planet is Ketu.
  6. Ruling Deity is pitras.


If you have your ascendent or moon in this nakshathra your behaviour will be almost like Magha . Also don’t forget to see all other planets residing in this nakshathra. Because say you have Mars in this nakshatra and now you are running Mars mahadasha then for 7 years period of time you will behave as Magha nakshathra.

Below i have given the details of how these natives behave.


  1. Magha nakshathra is ruled by Deity called Pitras, the ancestors.
  2. This nakshatram is known to get huge fame out there in ths world.
  3. It is like your grandparent nurtures you to get your success, and now he born as your son to help you get them live and support to their success.
  4. But this fame has to tolerate the negative effects of the fame like if some one  becomes Hollywood celebrity  then haters will try their best to tarnish their image so they must face them.
  5. They can’t freely roam around, always someone will be there looking for you or at least bodyguard.
  6. So feel something is missing .Material comforts and family extension for future generations is given to them as the gift from there forefathers.


This naksahtram has 4 padas which behave differently according to the planet where it is placed in navamsa chart.

Aries Navamsa Taurus NavamsaGemini Navamsa Cancer Navamsa 

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