Lord Krishna’s penance for the Child

Lord Krishna's penance for the Child
Lord Krishna’s Penance to Please Lord Shiva

In Kurma purana it discribed about Lord Krishna’s penance for the Child as he had no sons . So to please Lord Shiva for obtaining son Krishna did penance.

Well many of them don’t know that Sri Krishna held penance for lord Shiva to get a Virtuous son.

Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Vishnu and he was born as the son of Devaki and Vasudeva.

As Krishna had no sons, in order to have a virtuous son he wanted to take help of Lord Shiva. So Krishna thaught its better to meet the sages as to how to meet Lord Shiva and went to sage Upamanyu’s hermitage to meet Sage Upamanyu.

Upamanyu’s Beautiful Hermitage.

Upamanyu’s Hermitage is specifically described very beautifully in puranas.

  • The hermitage was surrounded by different trees and flower plants which has nice fragrance.
  • The hermitage is right on the bank of the river Ganga with lotus flowers blooming in it.
  • There is constant chanting of Veda mantras.
  • Wild animals also become calm when reached this surroundings of hermitage.
  • Sages from different parts of the country come here for doing penance.
Sage Upamanyu Suggestion to Lord Krishna

Sage ‘Upamanyu’ felt very happy seeing Lord ‘Sri Krishna’ the incarnation of ‘Lord Vishnu’ himself, in his hermitage and welcomed him wholeheartedly. His happiness had no bounds and was overwhelmed by his presence.

Sages asked the reason for his arrival. Krishna said he wanted to meet Lord Shiva for obtaining a virtuous son. Sage Upamanyu replied that ‘Lord Shiva’ can only be pleased with severe penance.

Lord Krishna's penance for the Child
Sage Upamanyu’s Hermitage at the bank of River Ganga.
Lord Krishna’s penance (Pashupata Vratam)

After listening to sage ‘Upamanyu’ Sri Krishna started doing penance.

Note: There are many different penances to obtain grace of Lord Shiva. In that one of them is ‘Pashupata Vratam’

Lord Krishna then wore clothes made out of the barks of trees, smeared ashes on his body and continuously chanted Shiva’s name . After many years Lord Shiva and Parvati appeared before Krishna. Lord shiva asked about why he is doing this penance as he himself has many powers. Krishna replied that he want a son just like Lord shiva.

Shiva then granted the boon. So Shamba was born to Krishna and Jambavanti .

(Stories about Shamba are to be found in the Vishnu Purana and Mahabharata.)

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