Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu

In Padma Purana , Uttarkhand chapter and in Agni purana it described about the Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Durvasa Curses Indra to be devoid of Lakshmi

Once, Sage Durvasa went to Indraloka to meet Indra and presented a garland of parijata flowers to him. As Indra was on Elephant because he is going out he kept that garland on the forehead of Elephant. That garland slipped and fell down and got stamped by Elephant. Sage Durvasa seeing this felt insulted. Durvasa felt because of his status and luxuries, Indra became arrogant and proud. So Durvasa cursed Indra to get devoid of all these.

Kurma Avatar Of Lord Vishnu

Soon Indra got defeated by demons and Indra Lokha was taken by them. All the Deities then became poor which also affected three worlds. Deities then took help of Lord Vishnu as guided by Lord Brahma.

Lord vishnu told deities to collect various medicinal herbs and put it into the Ksheer Sagarr. Lord Vishnu then told Deities to get the demons to agree on churning the mandarachal mountain.

Later the churning of mountain in Ksheer Sagar( Ocean of milk) began with snake Vasuki as the rope. Deities stood by the tail side and demons stood by the serpents head. As the churning began the mountain started to sunk. Then Lord Vishnu held the mountain base with his Kurma avatar(tortoise).

Devas and Asuras churn the mountain with tortoise as the base in ocean of milk
Emerged things from Mandarachal mountain

Things emerged from Churning

  • First of all the most venomous poison–Kalkut emerged from the ocean. Seeing both the deities and demons unwilling to accept it. (Lord Shiva) drank it.
  • Goddess nirriti.(Daaridra devi)
  • Varuni goddess of wine who later got married to god Varuna.
  • Eravat (elephant)
  • Uchchaishrava (horse)
  • Surabhi (cow)
  • Parijat (tree)
  • Goddess Laxmi manifested herself. The deities requested her to dwell in the heart of Lord Vishnu and bless all the three worlds by her presence. Goddess Laxmi agreed and blessed them.
  • Kamadhenu, (the wishful cow).
  • Kalpavriksha (the wishful tree).
  • Apsaras.
  • The Moon was taken up by Shiva on His forehead.
  • Dhanvantari himself emerged from the sea carrying the Jar of medicine (Amritam). Demons snatched the jar and ran away
Distribution of Amritham among Devas(gods)

Meanwhile, Lord Vishnu arrived there in the guise of a pretty woman ‘Mohini’ and took the jar of ‘Amritham’. Mohini distracted the demons with her sweet smile while distributing ‘amritham’ among the gods. When at last,one of the demons, ‘Swarabhanu’ realized that they had been cheated he immediately went in a disguise of Chandra(moon) and drank the ‘amritham’. Soon by realizing he is not ‘Chandra’, Lord Vishnu cut his throat with Sudarshana Chakra. All the demons then realizing they are being cheated they attacked the gods. since the gods drank amritham they became powerful and defeated demons.

Indra then prayed goddess Lakshmi with devotion and respect. Pleased by the prayers of Indra, Lakshmi asked him to seek a boon. Indra asked her to have her blessings for ever and she granted the boon. All the three lokhas became normal again.

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