Importance of Surya’s Worship to cure diseases

In Padma Purana, Sage Vyas narrated the importance of Lord Surya’s worship to cure diseases to Vaishampayan by telling the story of king Bhadreshwar

King Bhadreshwar Health issue

Once there was a king named Bhadreshwar who ruled Madhyadesh. He was caught with a disease Leprosy which infected his Left hand. Bhadreshwar feared it would effect his whole body and was depressed over the fact. There came a situation where he wanted to end his life unable bear his dreadful disease Leprosy. King Bhadreshwar met the Priest of the temple regarding his problem. Priest warned King Bhadreshwar about the management of his kingdom in his absence which could lead to destruction. Priest after examining his hand he advised King to worship Lord Surya. As god Surya is responsible for the health issues of the living beings according to the duties of Deities.

King Bhadreshwar worshiping Lord Surya to cure his Leprosy
King Bhadreshwar gets cured his disease

The priest then gave instructions of rituals, Yagnas and required mantras to how to worship lord Surya. King Bhadreshwar started doing as the priest instructed and performed various rituals, yagnas and chanted the required mantras for specific number of times. King Bhadreshwar then got cured his disease with in a year.

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