Importance of River Yamuna for liberation

In Padma Purana Swargakhand, Sage Narad explained Pandavas about the Importance of River Yamuna for liberation from all the sins.

Importance of taking dip in River Yamuna

Sage Narad describes that a person who takes a holy dip in river Yamuna (Kalini) becomes liberated from all their sorrows. The virtue acquired by taking a bath in Yamuna is greater than paying visits to various holy places like Pushkar, Kurukshetra, Brahmavarta and Kashi. Different rituals have been allotted to various yugas like

  1. Sayta Yuga – penance
  2. Treta Yuga – Knowledge
  3. Dwapar Yuga – Yagya
  4. Kali Yuga – Donation

Still the virtue of taking a holy dip in river Yamuna remains for all Yugas. At Mathura this river has a special significance as Lord krishna spend his days there.

Importance of River Yamuna  for liberation
Pilgrims taking bath in holy river Yamuna (Kalini)
Shrikundal & Vikundal’s reckless life

Once During Satyayuga , A ‘Vaishya’ named Hemakundal earned lot of wealth by his hard work. But he used to be unhappy as he had no children. As time passed by Hemakundal blessed with two sons, Shrikundal & Vikundal. When both his sons grew up, Hemakundal left to the forest to do penance.

Shri Kundal and Hemakundal enjoyed their life lavishly and wasted entire wealth of his fsther recklessly. In a very short time they became poor and both of them starved to death. When the Yama dhooths took their souls to Yamaloka, Yamaraj ordered to Put Shri Kundal in Raurav hell and to send Vikundal to heaven. While Vikundal on the way to heaven inquired the yama dhooth as to why is he being taken to heaven and his brother to hell in-spite both of us committed same mistakes.

Importance of River Yamuna  for liberation
Vikundal and Swamitra taking dip in River Yamuna at Mathura

Yama dhooth replied that “As you took bath twice in the river Yamuna at Mathura with your brahmin friend, Swamitra, by the virtue of the first bath you became liberated from all your sins, while the second bath helped you to attain heaven”.

Both Shrikundal & Vikundal attain heaven

Vikundal then requested the yama dhooth to allow his brother also to accompany him to heaven. Yama dhooth replied that your brother can only go if you sacrifice your virtues to him and you go to hell in place of your brother. Vikundal accepted and sacrificed his virtues to his brother. Seeing vikundal sacrifice the heaven and donating his virtues to his brother, by the virtue of donating the ‘virtue of Yamuna Snan’, Vikundal too attained heaven along with his brother Shrikundal.

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