Importance of Dharma Teerth

Importance of DHARMA TEERTH

Padma Purana in the chapter of Swargakhand Sage Narad Told Pandavas about the Importance of Dharma Teerth explaing the various importance of piligrimage which gives liberation from sins.

Sage Narad continued with the conversation with pandavas when they are in exile. Pandavas asked what fruits they are going to get during their pilgrimage to various placesv while living in exile.

Importance of Dharma Teerth
pilgrim Taking bath in Dharma Teerth

As Pandavas are visiting various holy places, Sage Narad told them to Visit a place called ‘Dharma Teerth’ which is named after the lord of death ‘Dharma’. Once upon a time ‘Dharmaraj’ or ‘Yama’ who is son of lord Surya (sun) and Sandya, had performed an austere penance at that place and it became famous as Dharma Teerth. The place still holds the energy of that penance. By visiting Dharma Teerth, a man gets liberated from all his ancestors sin up to seven generations. After that a pilgrim should go to Kalap forest, Saugandhik forest, Suvarna Dhumavanti respectively. All the above mentioned holy places are capable of giving salvation.

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