How Rudraksha seeds came into EXISTENCE

In Padma Purana Vyas maharshi described to the sages as to how Rudraksha seeds came into existence.

Emergence of rudraksha tree

In Satya yuga, a demon named ‘Tripurasur’ was very Knowledgeable and was learned in Vedas. He had conquered the deities and took over the Indra Lokha as he was capable of moving in the space at that time (Tripurasur attained this knowledge from vedas).

Note: Those days only few demons who excelled in Vedas had knowledge to do penance by which they attained specific boons or specific powers. Only those demons have defeated Indra and other deities. Travelling in space is also a specific power which can be attained with certain penance.Here you must know that they are numerous penances. Each Penance has its own specific purpose.

The deities then went to Lord Shiva to help them. Lord Shiva Burned Tripurasur by the sight of his third-eye. In the process, few drops of sweat from Shiva’s body fell down on the earth. These sweat drops got transformed into a large Rudraksha trees. These trees are mainly found in Nepal.

Rudraksha bead garland
Importance of Rudraksha beads

One who wears a Rudraksha beads garland, the mere sight of such a holy man absolves people of their sin. A Rudraksha bead bears features of a Linga and yoni on it’s surface. One should not wear a Rudraksha on which above mentioned features are absent. Similarly two joint beads should never be worn. All the mantras has twice the effect and become powerful when chanted with the help of Rudraksha beads garland.

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