How Amla and Tulsi trees emerged

In Shiva Maha purana they discribed about how Amla and Tulsi trees emerged and how they became dear to Lord Vishnu.

Birth of Amla, Tulsi and Malti

Once a battle took place between Jalander and Lord Shiva in that battle Jalandar diverted Shiva by creating many beautiful Apsaras. Jalander then disguised as Lord Shiva and went to Goddess Paravati. Goddess Parvati recognized him and became very angry. Goddess Parvati want to teach him a lesson and went to Lord Vishnu, told him what all happened and asked him to do the same as Jalander did with her.

Once Vrinda saw a hermit in a forest preaching his decibels .Vrinda took the hermit’s help to save his husband Jalander’s life who is fighting a battle. The Hermit is none other than Lord Vishnu. Hermit disappeared and reappeared as Jalander after some time. Lord Vishnu in disguise of Jalander lived with Vrinda for a long time in the same forest. Later when Vrinda came to know the truth, she cursed lord Vishnu that he would also wander for her wife while her wife is taken away by someone. Saying this Vrinda jumps into the fire and burns herself.

Lord Vishnu resting on Sheshnaag in ocean of milk

Lord Vishu then smears her ashes all over his body in grief and sadness started wandering here and there. Deities then went to Lord Shiva to help Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva told them to take help of goddess Parvati. She then gave them a few seeds to spill them over Vrinda’s Pyre.

Dieties then spilled the seeds over Vrinda’s ashes. Soon three different plants grew on the Pyre. They are Amla, Tulsi and Malti. Tulsi and Malti attained Vikunta with their respective penances.

Importance of Amla tree

Amla fruit is very dear to Lord Vishnu and its use on the auspicious day of Ekadashi brings unmatched virtue. A person who regularly eats Amla enjoys a long life.

Amla Tree with Amla fruits

Once upon a time, a hunter went to forest for hunting. As he saw the Amla tree , feeling hungry he climbed the tree and ate few Amla fruits. While climbing down the tree, he fell down and died on the spot. Yama dhooths came to take him but they couldn’t go near him. Later they came to know that because he ate the Amla fruits just before his death, yama dhooths are get him. Obviously he attained Vikuntam after his death. So is the importance of Amla tree and Amla fruits.

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