Fourth House in Astrology

Fourth_House_ in_Astrology
Fourth 4th House in Astrology describes ones home and atmosphere

Fourth-4th House in vedic astrology is called Kendra and Moksha house. Cancer( karkataka rasi) sign represents same characteristics as Fourth-4th House in vedic astrology.

Good effects

If the Fourth-4th is not afflicted and has beneficiary planets and beneficial conjunctions and aspects in the natal chart it gives good results for the native in that particular mahadasha of the planet or for the mahadasha of the lord of that sign.

  1. Mother and relationship with her according to the placement.
  2. Need not be physical home.
  3. Its like what a home is to you and how you like to be at home.
  4. Home, birth country and domestic life.
  5. Represents paternal property ,House, agriculture land, construction of house,  cattle, vehicle, All the permanent possessions such as pastures, fields,buildings, real estate properties, treasures and herbs, ocean, sea.
  6. It describes ones house and atmosphere of a ones old age
  7. Fourth house rules over lower chest,  heart, lungs.
  8. If well placed emotional support from mother, comfort of having a family, owning a vehicle and having a place to call home.

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Bad effects

If the tenth house is afflicted and has malefic planets or malefic conjunctions and aspects in natal chart it gives bad results for the native in that particular mahadasha of planet or for the mahadasha of the lord of that sign.

  1. If afflicted One may go through emotional crisis like emotional support of mother won’t be there
  2. home is never there.
  3. Sense of  security is not there, keeping this in mind escapes to 10th house and works hard to keep him feel secured.
  4. Toxic family relations.
  5. One may go away from the home land.
  6. One may sell the property /house/land or one may lose property by other means.
  7. No matter where you are living, your heart will always reside with your mom.
  8. As you will get older, some insecurity will always creep into your mind.
  9. This is the house for Brother’s income (2nd from 3rd).
  10. Profession of spouse(10th from 7th).
  11. secret enemies of children (12th from 5th).

Basic features

  1. Fourth house represents North direction.
  2. Color of 4th house is Red.
  3. Moon is the Natural significant of 4th house but when it comes to vehicle, Venus is the significant.

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Planets in Fourth-4th House

  1. Sun in Fourth-4th House : Your Mother becomes your father figure with strict attitude.
  2. Moon in Fourth-4th House – Emotional relationship with Mother and home.
  3. Mars in Fourth-4th House – One might share rough relation with mother but successful in the terms of house and family assets.
  4. Mercury in Fourth-4th House : Home is a place where they absorb good vibes around them.
  5. Venus in Fourth-4th House – You might have luxurious home and vehicles. Feels comfort and secure at home with all decorative pieces around and your mother might be beautiful.
  6. Jupiter in Fourth-4th House – These are lucky with their home, family assets, security and mother.
  7. Saturn in Fourth-4th House – They might never felt a sense of home and comfortableness in spite of having home. A sense of security goes missing.
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