First House in Astrology

First-1st House in vedic astrology
Appearance changes according to first house

First-1st House in vedic astrology is called Dharma, kendra and trikona house. Aries sign represents same characteristics as First-1st House in vedic astrology.

General characteristics

If the first house is not afflicted and has beneficiary planets and beneficial conjunctions and aspects in the natal chart it gives good results for the native in that particular mahadasha of the planet or for the mahadasha of the lord of that sign.

  1. Names: Lagna , Ascendent.
  2. Tells us about the general appearance like skin color, shape, height, face, weight, etc…
  3. If well placed, then beautiful (Example: moon in Taurus with round face). healthy, strong, nice and attractive personality etc. 
  4. According to ascendant nakshatra we can describe a person in detail if they are kind, generous, down to earth, friendly, sensitive, distant, secretive, two faced, anxious etc.
  5. If ascendant is afflicted severely then deformation is seen while born or by accidents later according to the level of affliction
  6. It describes the fortune of your first child (9th from 5th house).
  7. Son of your Guru(5th from 9th).

Seventh – 7th House in Vedic Astrology

If the first house is afflicted and has malefic planets or malefic conjunctions and aspects in natal chart it gives bad results for the native in that particular mahadasha of planet or for the mahadasha of the lord of that sign.

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Planets in First-1st House

  1. Sun in First -1st House : One Behaves as a leader, always want to be in limelight, Egoistic. High Self Confidence. If Debilitated than shows opposite results.
  2. Moon in First -1st House – One has round face and be emotional.
  3. Mars in First – 1st House – These people look athletic. Often liable to injuries which leave marks on the body.
  4. Mercury in First -1st House : Think constantly, good sense of humor, good in communications, quick wit, might be foodie to some extent. If mercury is bad placed then you might get reverse effects.
  5. Venus in First – 1st House – Looks beautiful in appearance.
  6. Jupiter in First 1st House – These are lucky ones and are Fortunate.
  7. Saturn in First-1st House – Heavy responsibilities. Childhood experiences give lot of pain to them. They look old and struggle a lot for every thing that comes around in their life. After Saturn return there might be little relief.
  8. Rahu in First-1st House – These are simply popular. What ever they do every one gets to know , its not that they tell every one about everything , but it just happens. It also depends on what sign it is sitting in, because Rahu just amplifies all the 1st house and sign qualities.
  9. Ketu in First-1st House -This is quite opposite to Rahu, No one knows whats happening with this person.

Each sign behaves differently in the First 1st house. Like Aries Ascendant people are rough, stout and athletic to look at. Fast actions can be observed. Aquarius Ascendant people are sensitive to the social environment and can have some addictions not particularly about drinking and smoking but in general.

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