Fifth House in Astrology

 Fifth-5th House_in_vedic_astrology
Creative side of the family life comes into play in Fifth-5th House in vedic astrology

Fifth-5th House in vedic astrology is called Darma and trikona house. Leo sign represents same characteristics as Fifth-5th House in vedic astrology.

If the Fifth house is not afflicted and has beneficiary planets and beneficial conjunctions and aspects in the natal chart it gives good results for the native in that particular mahadasha of the planet or for the mahadasha of the lord of that sign.

General characteristics

  1. Family responsibilities, Obsession of doing creative things.
  2. Expressing love to children, spouse, family, friends. Giving love and receiving love.
  3. Rules the later part of childhood days where it deals with fun and entertainment.
  4. Playing games like kabaddi , hide and seek and enjoying time.
  5. Hobbies like drawing something and sticking it to the wall at home.
  6. Obsession with music, dancing and getting lost in it.
  7. Acting, attending functions and religious activities like bhajans and praying to deity of a family
  8. If performed good karma in previous lives it gives access to ones artistic abilities
  9. If performed bad karma in previous lives it blocks the access to artistic life.
  10. Gambling and financial speculation.
  11. First child, children, miscarriage, relationship with your children, and their health.
  12. Can tell if one can have children or not
  13. Romantic relationships, crushes and flirting.
  14. If well placed then it is successful relationship but not marriage.
  15. To turn that relationship into successful marriage the other aspects of the chart needs to be seen.
  16. If afflicted then relationships may not be successful.
  17. It rules lottery and shares or betting and stock exchange
  18. Second younger brother(3rd from 3rd) .
  19. Father’s Fortune(9th from 9th) .
  20. Gain from marriage(11th from 7th) .
  21. Spouse of elder brother(7th from 11th) .
  22. Mother’s wealth(2nd from 4th)

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Basic features

  1. The body parts that fifth house rules include heart, stomach, upper and middle back, pancreas, and spine.
  2. It signifies white or honey color .
  3. Natural significant of this house is Jupiter.

If the fifth house is afflicted and has malefic planets or malefic conjunctions and aspects in natal chart it gives bad results for the native in that particular mahadasha of the planet or for the mahadasha of the lord of that sign.

Planets in Fifth-5th House

  1. Sun in Fifth-5th House : One might have male child.
  2. Moon in Fifth-5th House – Female child can be expected. One has Creative mind.
  3. Mars in Fifth-5th House – One will speak harshly and often gets into arguments with the family
  4. Mercury in Fifth-5th House : Good sense of humor, good in communications, quick wit. If mercury is badly placed then you might get reverse effects.
  5. Venus in Fifth-5th House – These natives are very creative.
  6. Jupiter in Fifth-5th House – One gets fortunate in terms of family.
  7. Saturn in Fifth-5th House Delay in having children. Blockage of fun in teenage years at school or collage.
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