Enlightenment story of Kunjal( parrot)

According to Padma Purana, Lord Vishnu narrated this story to the King Ven to describe the importance of the teacher Showing the example of enlightenment story of the Kunjal (parrot).

Kunjal teaches Ujwal about liberation

Once Sage Chyavan has come to Omkareshwar with an objective of acquiring the highest knowledge. He got tired and sat down under Banyan tree to take some rest. A parrot named Kunjal with his 4 sons Ujwal, Samujwal, Vijwal, and Kapinjal are living on that tree. Kunjal was explaining his son Ujwal about the liberation and says it can only be possible through renunciation. Kunjal describing The 2 ways of worshiping explains as follows,

  1. Akkar – (with Form) Idol Worship which every one does.
  2. Nirakar- (Formless) Only enlightened or realized beings can do this.
Sage Chyavan sitting under the Banyan tree and talking to ‘Kunjal’ a parrot
Sage Chyavan inquires Kunjal

Sage Chyavan, was shocked to see the parrot having supreme knowledge and asked how did she know all this. Kunjal said that It is a sad story of her and started describing what all happened with her in her previous birth.

Kunjal said In his past life his name was Dharma Sharma, a younger son of a Vidyadhar and born in a brahmin’s family. Studies have never interested him and lived life as it came. His father was always worried about his future and scolded him a lot. People around him made fun of him and insulted him constantly. With this constant torture he felt sad and wanted to know the ultimate knowledge which can make him free from this sorrow. The question is how to get that knowledge. As Dharma Sharma is getting old, he feared that he might not acquire the ultimate knowledge in this lifetime. once when he is sitting in the temple a sage asked him for his sadness. Dharma Sharma narrated his story to that sage. Feeling pity on him Sage made him realized what he is and gave him enough knowledge for his self liberation.

Sage made Dharma Sharma realized the supreme truth of liberation in temple.

Sage Chayavan got surprised that instead of knowing the highest knowledge why did Dharma Sharama born again in this world as a parrot.

Dharma Sharma’s Rebirth as Parrot

Kunjal replied that ” Once a hunter sold a parrot to a brahmin who presented that parrot to Dharma Sharma as a gift. As time passed Dharma Sharma grew attachment with it. Both of Them spent time together for many years but one day a cat killed that parrot in Dharma Sharma’s absence which made him feel vulnerable. As Dharma Sharma also growing old, some time later he also died in grief of that parrot in his final days which resulted in rebirth as a parrot.

Kunjal says Now she is cautious and realized not to get attached to any thing and will follow the path of self liberation.

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