King Surveer Going in Palanquin to meet sage kapil.

enlightenment of KING BHARAth

According to vishnu purana, Parashra tells the enlightenment of King Bharath’s story to Maitreya to gain knowledge of the highest truth and why In-spite of King Bharat a good devotee, failed to attain Enlightenment and how he became a realized being after next two lifetimes. Here i am presenting you with the story of Enlightenment of King Bharath.

King Bharath’s life in Saligram

King Bharath stayed at Saligram for a long time when his brother Ram went on exile. Bharath dedicated all his life only doing Sadhana. Meanwhile one day when he is taking bath in the river, on the opposite side he saw a doe which is in a final stage of pregnancy, drinking water in the river. Suddenly they heard the roar of the Lion, Doe in fear jumped fast to escape, while jumping her fawn fell off in the river.

King Bharat taking bath in the river and saw a doe on the other side of the river.

King Bharat who witnessed all this he tried to save both of them but the Doe died because of the pain. Then Bharath brought up that fawn as his own child and nurtured it which resulted in giving up of his sadhana in order to protect the little fawn. Actually his sadhana went waste as he started attachment with this fawn.

Rebirth Of king Bharath As a Deer

The fawn as it started growing , once saw the herd of deer passing by and mingled himself up with that herd and went away. It never returned back. So Bharat while dying he was thinking the memories of this little fawn and left his body. Since while leaving his body, his mind was in thoughts of the deer, he was born as a deer in next life. He as a deer remembered his past life and spent all his life alone in saligram and not mingled with the rest of the deer herd.

King Bharath as a deer lived rest of his life in Saligram
Bharath Rebirth in Brahmin family

In next birth He was born in Brahmin family. Now also he remembered his past lives . As he saw himself transcending different bodies and he knew vedas and religious scriptures from his previous births he now decided not to commit same mistake again falling for attachments which is obstruction for his liberation once and for all. He was firm in his decisions and never cared for this world. So Bharath dint take up any education and he remained different with no interest in life and just roamed in rags and ate what ever he got. Off-course his brothers, teachers and entire village called him names and insulted him continuously. After his fathers death, their brothers made him to work hard in their fields and gave little to eat. Every one used to call him Jadabharat. One night when Jadabharat was guarding fields, Vrishatraaj a kings man caught him because king want to sacrifice him to goddess Mahakali. Mahakali Seeing a yogi being sacrificed got angry, cut the kings head and drank his blood.

King Surveer Meet Jadabharath

Once A King Surveer was going to meet sage Kapil in a palanquin . While going one of the carrier has fallen short as he had some problem, so other three careers saw Jadabharat roaming in rags, without asking or speaking to him they just dragged him forcibly and made him to carry the palanquin. Jadabharat while carrying the palanquin he is making sure not to step on any species which resulted in a constant jerking of palanquin. King Got irritated and asked what the problem is. Carriers replied the new person who is carrying is walking very slowly. King shouted at him and said hefty person like you cant lift this, how can you get tired in this age. Jadabharat said ” I is not hefty and so the palanquin, neither i am tired nor i am putting any effort to carry”. King sitting inside replied “off course you are hefty and my palanquin also. As it is lying on your shoulder you will get tired. How can you not get tired explain me?”.

King Surveer Going in Palanquin to meet sage kapil.ENLIGHTENMENT OF KING BHARATH
King Surveer Going in Palanquin to meet sage kapil.

Jadabharat replied,” These feet are resting on legs , thighs are resting on belly, chest and shoulders are resting on stomach, your palanquin resting on shoulders. you are resting on palanquin. In fact no one is carrying any weight, everything including this earth is carried by Pancha Bhutas (5 elements). I have no weight or form to carry any thing. Whatever is happening is just happening with these 5 elements”.

After listening to his answer king got down the palanquin and fell on the Jadabharat feet and asked “who are you and why did you come here”. Jadabharath said “if you ask me who am i than what should i reply, i have no identity, i am nothing, For different roles i am different, as animal and as human being. For different actions we have respective karmas. Same goes with you, You are a father for your son, husband for your wife, king for your kingdom. But why did you ask me that why i have come here. “.

King replied I was going to meet sage kapil for the ultimate knowledge. Now i don’t need to go any where. You are the ocean of knowledge . Kindly preach me the ultimate knowledge which is my goal.

Jadabharat Teaching

There is nothing like supreme goal . all these are temporary goals. As goals are temporary, lives are also temporary. Your life as king is temporary. My present life is also temporary. We all lived as humans , birds and animals temporarily in our previous lives. and in future how you want to live also depend on yours karma. Do remember yourself as you a transcendental.You are nor created nor destroyed, you have no death or birth. You are always there. Nothing will happen if you listen to these preaching, One should sensible enough to experience it, as it is always there.

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