Eigth House in Astrology

Eight-8th House in vedic astrology
Spiritual growth and Mysticism

Eight-8th House in vedic astrology is called Moksha and Dushtana house. Scorpio sign represents same characteristics as Eight-8th House in vedic astrology.

General effects

If the Eight house is not afflicted and has beneficial planets and beneficial conjunctions and aspects in the natal chart it gives good results for the native in that particular mahadasha of the planet or for the mahadasha of the lord of that sign.

  1. Spiritual growth through this house is obtained by things we sacrifice for others.
  2. It has a direct impact upon one’s lifespan and the nature of death.
  3. Sudden gains, losses .
  4. Be careful to share personal and intimate secretes with any one around this time, they may not be trusted or else your secrets are out.
  5. Things related to money in one’s Bank account , taxes, debts and bank loans.
  6. Experiences connected with death makes the native questions the existence of the soul.
  7. Occult world magic and mysticism.
  8. Spouse’s resources.
  9. Insecurity towards 2nd house leads this, self criticism by comparing oneself with the other.
  10. share of profit and legacies to inheritance
  11. Depression, defame, delay, dissatisfaction and defeat.
  12. it can affect the longevity of the person, cause chronic illnesses, miseries, fear, lack of mental peace, monetary issues, criminal tendencies, imprisonment, punishment, sexual problems, addictions, bad habits, deformities, loss of loved ones, death and so on.
  13. It also refers to your partner’s finance.
  14. Represents your reproductive organs and ability, your sense of physical attraction.
  15. If well placed, then it can lead to a lot of positive outcomes. one may have a long life and has the ability to fight over enemies and opposition.
  16. It also gives higher learning of the metaphysical realms and psychic abilities.
  17. The native may have a strong intuition and may be well versed in occult fields such as astrology and meditation.
  18. Such people have interest in the  fields such as psychology and occult studies.

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