birth of Atheism to kill Tripurasur

In Shivamaha puran, Yudh-Khand, Lord Brahma narrates sage Narada how difficult it was to kill Tripurasur as they were well knowledgeable in Vedas and Agama shastras. So Lord Vishnu gave birth of Atheism to kill Tripurasur in hands of Lord Shiva.

Who is Tripursur

Tripurasur means three brothers. They are sons of Tarakasura.

  1. Tarkasha (Elder)
  2. Viddyunmali (Middle one)
  3. Kamalaksha(Younger)
Tripurasur penances and powers

Tripurasur were well learned in Vedas and Agama shastras and did many penances for which they acquired tremendous power. Once three of them did a penance to please Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma pleased with their penance and appeared before them. Brahma blessed them with three invisible lavish forts, each of them constructed on earth (bhumi lokha), sky (akasha) and nether-land(patala) by Maya. Each fort is built with different material. Gold, silver and Iron. These forts are guarded by Maya. Brahma warned them that they will be killed by Lord Shiva.

Three invisible forts each of which is built with gold, silver and Iron situated in Sky, Earth and Nether-land
  • Taraksha – Gold Fort
  • Kamlaksha – Silver Fort
  • Viddyunmali – Iron Fort

NOTE: As Demons and Deities are enemies, as usual they continued their arguments and fights. This time as Tripurasur became very powerful, deities are unable to win them.

Lord shiva refused to Kill Tripurasur

Deities found the death secret of Tripurasur and Pleaded Lord Shiva to kill him. But Shiva refused to kill Tripurasur as they are very Virtuous and well learned in Vedas and Agama Shastras. Lord Shiva told them to take help of Vishnu for their problems.

Lord Vishnu’s plans to kill Tripurasur

Plan 1: Lord Vishnu performed a fire oblation from which a thousand armed spirit appeared from it. Lord Vishnu then sent this spirit to kill Tripurasur. The spirit couldn’t kill Tripurasur as it is out of their knowledge to match the powers of Tripurasur and ran towards Lord Vishnu to save itself.

Tripurasur practicing the various penances of Vedic scriptures, Agama Shastras and Tantras

Lord Vishnu understood that Tripurasur became powerful because of knowledge of Vedas,Agama Shastras and Tantras, so Lord Vishnu Introduced a new scripture different from Vedas.

Birth of Atheism

Plan 2: Lord Vishnu created an entity from his body whose name is Arihan. Who has no hair on his head, a bag hanging down from his shoulder with broom on his head. Lord Vishnu then instructed to create a scripture which stresses upon below factors.

  • Which instructs the fruits of karma do not exists.
  • Similar techniques of Vedas written different from original Scriptures with illusion.
  • Scripture should emphasis on importance of action, different from Vedas. etc
  • The scripture must be written in simple words.

Lord Vishnu Told Arihan to initiate Tripurasur with this scripture and make them irreligious. Later when Kali Yuga arrives he ordered Arihan to live in desert with his disciples and should propagate this philosophy.

Arihan then creates four descibles named Rishi, Yati, Keerya and Upadhyay. Arihan then stayed at the place of these invisible Maya forts and started preaching his decibels which slowly made Tripurasur to divert listening to these scriptures. Arihan was success in his attempt in making Tripurasur irreligious.

Lord shiva kills Tripurasur

Deities after learning that Tripurasur became irreligious,went to Lord Shiva. At that time Goddess Parvati just came to Shiva with her two children and requested to spend some time with them. Deities kept on requesting Lord Shiva and were angry on goddess Parvati for creating an obstacle for their objective and expressed their frustration. So one of the Ganas Kumbhodar got angry on deities and attacked them.

Deities went to lord Vishnu and narrated what happened. Lord Vishnu advised them to chant Panchakshari mantra ” Om Namah Shivaya” for one crore times. After the chanting of mantra for one crore times, Lord Shiva pleased with them and told he would kill Tripurasur.

Lord Shiva tried to enter the Maya forts with his huge army but he dint succeed as arrows of Lord Shiva were not releasing. Thousand (1000) divine years passed in trying to enter and destroy the forts. Lord Shiva then worshiped Lord Ganesha, soon a heavenly voice told to use Pashupata weapon. After releasing pashuptha weapon all the three forts destroyed and Tripurasur pleaded Lord Shiva to spare their life. Lord shiva said, after their death they would born as Shiva Ganas and then burned tripurasur to death.

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